10 Best Medical Esthetician Schools Online

Medical Esthetician Schools Online

Are you passionate about the beauty industry and interested in pursuing a rewarding career as a medical esthetician? Most medical esthetician schools online offer a transformative educational journey from the comfort of your home.

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility and convenience are paramount, and that’s exactly what online learning offers. With the rise of advanced technology and interactive platforms, medical esthetician schools have adapted to provide comprehensive and engaging programs at your fingertips.

It doesn’t matter if you want to specialize in skin care treatments, anti-aging procedures, or advanced beauty therapies. Online education equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in this dynamic field.

Join us as we explore the top-notch medical esthetician schools online, where you can acquire the expertise to pursue a fulfilling career in the ever-evolving realm of medical aesthetics.

Can You Become an Esthetician Online?

Becoming an esthetician online in this fast-growing digital era has become possible but also highly convenient. Online esthetician programs offer a flexible and accessible path to acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills for this rewarding career.

Students who want to become estheticians can engage in comprehensive training from their homes through interactive platforms, virtual classrooms, and multimedia resources.

These online programs cover diverse topics, including skincare, beauty treatments, and client consultations. With expert instructors and practical assignments, you can gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as an esthetician while enjoying the benefits of online learning without leaving the comfort of your home.

What to Expect in Medical Esthetician Schools Online

When you enroll in medical esthetician schools online, you can expect a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. These programs are designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to succeed in medical aesthetics.

You can access interactive coursework and virtual classrooms in online medical esthetician schools. Expert instructors will guide you through various subjects, such as skin analysis, cosmetic procedures, advanced treatments, and safety protocols. You will learn about skincare techniques and stay updated on industry trends.

Online programs may also offer networking opportunities and mentorship. Some programs even provide virtual clinical practice.

By the time you complete your studies, you’ll be equipped with the skills, confidence, and passion for kick-starting a fulfilling career as a medical esthetician, ready to deliver exceptional aesthetic services that leave clients feeling their best.

How Much Do Medical Esthetician Schools Online Cost?

Beauty Schools Directory says an online esthetician program typically ranges between $6,500 and $10,000. However, it’s important to note that the actual cost can vary based on several factors.

These include the specific school you choose, the duration of the program, the location, and the training hours required in your state. Remember that certain schools may offer lower tuition rates, while others may charge more for an extensive curriculum or extra resources.

Furthermore, as shared by Facemedstore, aspiring estheticians planning to enroll in an esthetics course at a community college can expect to prepare around $4,000 to $6,000.

On the other hand, studying at a private school may require a higher investment, typically ranging from $6,000 to $12,000. It’s worth noting that these rates may not include additional expenses like tuition fees, kit costs, and other potential fees that the beauty school may require.

Researching and comparing different options is advisable to find the program that best fits your budget and educational needs.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Medical Esthetician School Online?

How long an online medical esthetician school program lasts can vary depending on the program and your pace of learning.

Generally, these programs are designed to be completed within a specific timeframe, typically ranging from a few months to a year. However, it’s important to note that the exact duration may differ among different schools or training providers.

We recommend researching various online medical esthetician schools and reviewing their program lengths for an accurate estimate. Consider factors such as the number of courses, hours of instruction, and any required clinical hours or practical training.

By choosing a reputable program that aligns with your goals and commitments, we can complete our medical esthetician education online efficiently and effectively.

medical esthetician schools online

Best Medical Esthetician Schools Online

  • Penn Foster Career School
  • Westside Tech
  • Paul Mitchell Schools
  • West Tennessee Business College
  • Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics
  • VICI Aveda Institute
  • Ogle School
  • West Georgia Technical College
  • Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
  • University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts

1. Penn Foster Career School

Penn Foster Career School is considered one of the best online medical esthetician schools due to its commitment to providing a comprehensive and flexible education.

Their program allows students to study at their own pace while receiving high-quality course materials and interactive learning resources.

With a focus on practical training and real-world scenarios, Penn Foster Career School ensures graduates are well-prepared for their careers in medical esthetics.

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2. Westside Tech

Westside Tech is widely recognized as one of the best online medical esthetician schools. Their exceptional educational programs and industry-relevant training make them stand out.

With a comprehensive curriculum covering theoretical knowledge and practical skills, Westside Tech ensures students receive a well-rounded education.

What sets them apart is their commitment to personalized learning and student support, providing individual attention and guidance throughout the program.

The online platform at Westside Tech allows for flexibility and convenience in accessing course materials and interactive learning resources.

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3. Paul Mitchell Schools

As one of the best online medical esthetician schools, Paul Mitchell Schools have earned a strong reputation in the beauty and wellness industry. With their exceptional educational programs, they excel in preparing students for successful careers.

Their online platform offers comprehensive medical esthetics training, covering theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Their distinguished faculty, valuable industry partnerships, and commitment to hands-on learning experiences set Paul Mitchell Schools apart. Students receive personalized attention and guidance in a supportive environment.

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4. West Tennessee Business College

For several reasons, West Tennessee Business College is one of the best medical esthetician schools online. With a rich history dating back to 1888, this institution has a long-standing commitment to providing high-quality career education. It is located in Jackson, TN, and offers various training programs, including 31 different qualifications.

What sets West Tennessee Business College apart is its diverse academic offerings, encompassing areas such as Medical Assisting, Cosmetology, Medical Coding, Manicure, Esthetician, and Medical Office Specialist. As an online school, it provides a convenient platform for students to pursue their Esthetician studies remotely.

West Tennessee Business College holds accreditation from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges & Schools. It is licensed by the Tennessee State Board of Cosmetology, ensuring the credibility and quality of its programs.

The school’s Business College is a top choice for those seeking a reputable and flexible online medical esthetician education.

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5. Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics

Catherine Hinds Institute of Esthetics is one of the best online medical esthetician schools. Founded in 1979 and located at 300 Wildwood Ave, Woburn, MA, United States, it has established itself as a leading skincare and aesthetician training institute in New England.

Catherine Hinds Institute offers a comprehensive range of programs, including skin care, spa therapy, make-up artistry, waxing, and advanced esthetics, ensuring that students receive the most advanced training in skincare technology. They provide flexible options with part-time evening or full-time day classes to accommodate various schedules.

With five skincare programs available, including esthetic, advanced esthetics, accelerated advanced esthetics, spa therapy esthetics, and master esthetics, this esteemed online school offers students various choices to pursue their medical esthetician education.

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6. VICI Aveda Institute

VICI Aveda Institute is recognized as one of the best online medical esthetician schools in the United States. Located on 08th St, Milwaukee, WI, it has been a reputable institution since its establishment in 1969.

Aveda Institutes, including VICI Aveda, is dedicated to shaping the future of fashion, wellness, and beauty. They offer comprehensive student programs that cover various areas, including cosmetology and massage therapy.

In their Esthiology program, students receive in-depth training in makeup application, hair removal, body treatments, facials, and skincare. With a focus on quality education and a wide range of career opportunities, VICI Aveda Institute is a top choice for aspiring medical estheticians.

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7. Ogle School

The Ogle School also stands out as one of the best online medical esthetician schools. Established in 1973 and located at 17174 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX, it offers a comprehensive range of day and evening courses in cosmetology, covering hair, skin, and nails.

The Ogle School is Texas’s largest Esthetics and Cosmetology education provider, with eight locations across Houston, San Antonio, and DFW.

They prioritize student-centered and salon-modeled training, ensuring students receive a hands-on and industry-relevant education. Aspiring medical estheticians can expect a top-notch learning experience from the esteemed Ogle School.

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8. West Georgia Technical College

West Georgia Technical College (WGTC) is recognized as one of Waco, Georgia’s best online medical esthetician schools. With its establishment in 1966 and subsequent merger with West Central Technical College, WGTC has become the second-largest technical school in Georgia.

Offering a wide range of educational opportunities, WGTC provides 18 associate’s degrees, 28 diplomas, 66 certificate programs, and continuing education courses. Students interested in esthetics can benefit from the courses offered by WGTC.

Moreover, WGTC stands out by providing study abroad and internship opportunities, licensure programs, online education classes, and independent study programs. Through the School of Business and Public Services, students can obtain certificates in diverse fields like accounting, business management, cosmetology, criminal justice, culinary arts, and early childhood education.

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9. Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College is renowned as one of the best online medical esthetician schools. Their commitment to excellence and industry-relevant training sets them apart.

Located in Georgia, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College offers a comprehensive range of programs in esthetics and skincare. With a focus on practical training and real-world application, students gain the necessary skills to excel in their careers.

The college provides a supportive learning environment, fostering individual growth and development. Aspiring medical estheticians can trust Wiregrass Georgia Technical College to offer a top-notch education that prepares them for success in the field.

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10. University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts

Also one of the best online medical esthetician schools, the University of Spa and Cosmetology Arts (USCA) was established in 1978 at 2913 W White Oaks Dr, Springfield, IL.

It offers accredited cosmetology, Esthiology, nail technology, teaching, and massage therapy programs.

At USCA, students receive a comprehensive education in a professional atmosphere, ensuring they meet the highest standards of their profession upon graduation. What sets USCA apart is its emphasis on hands-on experience, allowing students to perform services on guests and build their confidence.

Aspiring medical estheticians can trust USCA to provide a top-notch education that prepares them for success in the industry.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Medical Esthetician Schools Online

When choosing a medical esthetician school online, consider the following factors:

  • Accreditation: Ensure recognized accrediting bodies accredit the school.
  • Curriculum: Evaluate the curriculum to ensure it covers essential theoretical knowledge and practical skills.
  • Reputation: Research the school’s reputation and track record, including student reviews and success rates.
  • Hands-on Training: Look for schools that offer practical hands-on training opportunities.
  • Flexibility: Consider the flexibility of scheduling and online learning platforms to accommodate your needs.
  • Cost and Financial Aid: Assess the cost of tuition and explore available financial aid options.
  • Support Services: Check for student support services like career counseling and job placement assistance.
  • Resources: Consider the availability of resources like online libraries, learning materials, and industry connections.
  • Faculty Expertise: Look for experienced and knowledgeable faculty who can provide quality instruction.
  • Alumni Network: Research the school’s alumni network and connections in the industry.

The best medical esthetician schools online offer accredited programs, comprehensive curricula, hands-on training, and a strong reputation. By considering factors such as flexibility, cost, and faculty expertise, aspiring estheticians can find the ideal school to pursue their career goals and excel in the field.


What is the highest degree in esthetician?

The highest degree in esthetics is an associate’s degree. However, it’s important to note that estheticians primarily pursue certifications and licenses rather than advanced degrees to specialize in specific treatments and techniques in skincare.

What is the job description of an esthetician?

An esthetician is a skincare professional who specializes in providing various beauty treatments and services, such as facials, waxing, and makeup application, to help clients improve and maintain the health and appearance of their skin.

Is it aesthetic or esthetic?

Both “esthetic” and “aesthetic” are correct spellings. “Esthetic” is more commonly used in American English, while “aesthetic” is used in British English.

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